What is the Success Academy?

The Success Academy is the restructuring and replacement of Alternative Learning Centers (ALC) Central and West. The July 25, 2016, Message from the Principal shares how the 2016 – 2017 school year is off to a great start at the Success Academy. 

Who is the Success Academy for?

"The Success Academy is for kids that are way more violent, might have gang affiliations, might have substance abuse issues, things like that. Way more serious trouble than the disruptive kids," per Superintendent Dr. Atkins. (See, ABC-7

"Most of the other students at the center will attend for 180 school days. They include those who committed the most egregious offenses — arson, battery, homicide, kidnapping, off-campus felonies, sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual offense, and weapons possession. 

Others will attend for shorter periods of time for repeatedly getting in trouble for lesser offenses. These students will have to be reviewed by a committee, who's job is to make sure school staff exhausted all other options before reassigning them to the academy." (See, News-Press)

How is the Success Academy different from the Alternative Learning Center?

I'm not sure how different the Success Academy is from the old ALC Central. After reading the December 11, 2015, Message from the ALC principal and the 2015-2016 School Improvement Plan, I wonder if the Success Academy is just a rebranding and of ALC.  

  • ALC strived to establish and build relationships between teachers and students by utilizing Positive Behavior Supports as well as a daily character education class in which students and teachers discuss topics such as anger management, self-advocacy, and making good choices. 
  • ALC used restorative justice and circles to encourage open conversation and discussion between students and teachers. 
  • ALC offered after school tutoring and implemented the zeroes are not permitted program to reduce missing assignments
  • ALC had a school counselor, a behavior specialist, a school social worker and student to student weekly mentoring program.

What supports and services are students to receive at the Success Academy?

  • Wrap-around services including a Social Worker, School Psychologist, Behavior Specialist, and Mental Health and Drug Treatment Counseling.
  • Each student is to have an individualized academic plan and behavioral plan.
  • Transition plan for students before they return to their home school.
  • Students are to be exposed to career opportunities at Fort Myers Technical College.

See, School Board Briefing Meeting April 19, 2016

School Board Briefing Meeting April 19, 2016