Hawk Advocates offers the following services

• Offers consultations at no charge

• Attend IEP, school discipline and other school meetings

• Review records and evaluations

• Prepare parents and students to attend IEP and other school meetings

• Guide parents through the evaluation and Child Find process

• Help teams develop and revise 504 plans for students with disabilities

• Help write letters, organize documents and find additional resources

• Monitor students progress

• Provide educational workshops and presentations

• Provide referrals to legal services, evaluators, and therapists

Have a Question? Need help? Call or text Heather at (239) 823-9573

Qualified Representative Services 

Nonattorney representative services are offered pursuant to F.S. 120.62 and Rule 6A-6.03311 F.A.C., the presiding hearing officer, on a case-by-case basis, must determine who may be a qualified representative under the qualifications and standards set forth in Rules 28-106.106 and 28-106.107, F.A.C.

Paralegal Services for Lawyers

Heather offers her services as a paralegal to lawyers. All work is performed under the supervision and direction of the lawyer who is responsible for the work. Services include, but are not limited to:

• Case review and analysis 

• Preparing for hearing 

• Finding and interviewing witnesses 

• Legal research 

• Preparing pleadings, letters, and other documents